About Ayur Medicus

  • Ayurmedicus brings an online platform which provide you to access Ayurvedic products and information across the world.


  • To spread the knowledge of healing with the nature
  • Find a permanent solution to extend the availability of Ayurvedic service in every part of the world
  • To provide the best quality Ayurvedic service through online by well experienced specialized doctors and medicines manufactured from Indian government approved Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals.


  • We are offering Online Ayurvedic Video Consultations with well experienced specialized Doctors in every field of Ayurveda
  • Anyone can order ayurvedic medicines or supplements from any part of the world and will be delivered on their door step.
  • All the Ayurvedic Products listed in Ayurmedicus are manufactured from authentic and Indian government certified Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals.
  • We offer detailed information about common Ayurvedic plants, on the basis of Ayurvedic concepts
  • We are publishing articles about Ayurvedic health management by renowned doctors


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